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Customer success stories

Demand Calendar is used by many different hotels in different situations. Read about how these hotels became more successful by using Demand Calendar.

Customer Case
The Well Spa Resort

Nr of rooms: 104

Nordic region's largest & richest spa resort

"In Demand Calendar we have all data in one system and don’t have to switch between different systems. Without Demand Calendar you can spend hours collecting data, now we get the data we need in 1 click"

Interview with Henrik Sauge
Total Revenue Manager
The Well Spa Resort
Henrik The Well
Hours saved by using Demand Calendar: 1 hour/day

Customer Case - Hotel Royal

Nr of rooms: 76
Rank at Tripadvisor: #1 out of 60 hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden 
"If you want to save time, make revenue management easy and get more time for other activities within the hotel, Demand Calendar is an excellent option for your hotel. Everyone who runs a hotel needs to have full control of their business to increase their revenue."

Interview with Mattias Solberg
Revenue & Front Desk Manager
Hotel Royal, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mattias (1)
RGI increase since they started to use Demand Calendar: 0,22

Customer Case
Best Western KOM Hotel & Giò Hotel

Nr of rooms: 143 & 180
Rank at Tripadvisor: KOM - #65 out of 160 hotels in Stockholm & GIò - #3 out of 14 hotels in Solna
"Demand Calendar is a system that saves us a lot of time. It’s also a system for the whole organization and gives us a better ground for important strategic decisions."

Interview with Minna Pykälämäki
Revenue Manager
BW KOM Hotel & Giò Hotel, Stockholm
Minna Kom & Giò Hotel
Saved hours each week by using Demand Calendar: 10

Customer Case
Hotel S:t Clemens

Nr of rooms: 30
Rank at Tripadvisor: #1 out of 17 hotels at Gotland
"The interface and visualization of data is fantastic. It’s easy to use and understand Demand Calendar which is important in my role. I need a tool where I can spend minimum time to find and analyze data and at the same time maximize profit."

Interview with Carl von Schulman
Owner & General Manager
Hotel St:Clemens
RGI increase since they started to use Demand Calendar: 0,18

Customer Case - Welcome Hotel

Nr of rooms: 146

Benchmarking year 2021 (ranking in compset):

RevPAR: 2/9
ADR: 2/9
Occ: 1/9
"Demand Calendar saves time - I get what I need in one click which means I can spend time with revenue generated activities and making decisions instead of getting lost in administration. I save at least 1 hour/day to get rid of compiling data into excel sheets."

Interview with Jonathan Kviborg
Commercial Manager
Welcome Hotel &
Wärdshuset Lasse Maja Konferens & Fest
Jonathan - Welcome Hotel
Hours saved by using Demand Calendar: 1 hour/day

Keep track of your agreements

Christian Lundgren The Winery Hotel
" Demand Calendar helps me keep track of our agreements without losing time in administration. Before Demand Calendar it was difficult to find all the data components I needed in our PMS but now it's just 1 click away. This makes it much easier to see patterns and react to them before it's too late.”

Accurate reports strengthen the relationship with travel managers

Lotten Fowler
" As a travel manager, you struggle with getting the right information about the use of your hotel program. When I saw the Company Production Report in Demand Calendar, I immediately realized that this report could help hotel salespeople in supporting their corporate customer and thereby strengthening the relationship”

Optimize revenue performance and work more efficient

Ellinor Sjöstedt - Bank Hotel
" Demand Calendar eliminates time-wasting administration and gives me time to work more strategically. To optimize revenue performance it is vital to analyze data and determine how to develop and optimize each market segment. The system supporting us to work more efficiently and help us achieve a competitive advantage in the market."

Great Support from Demand Calendar during Covid-19

Desirè Nofo
" Our revenue dropped dramatically when the COVID-19 outbreak started. We took immediate action to cut our staff costs and expenses. We decided to keep Demand Calendar since we needed a system to keep track of future pick-up and to have a tight grip on forecasting. We like their variable pricing model which made the system affordable in this situation. The team at Demand Calendar has been very supportive and helped us with forecasting and advice around pricing strategies. We have managed to increase our market share in this difficult market situation.”

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