Customer success stories


Use data and insights when opening a new hotel

 The Winery Hotel (184 rooms)


“My colleagues and I are using Demand Calendar daily to facilitate our strategical decision-making when setting prices."


Case by: Marianne Söder
Commercial Manager at The Winery Hotel

How to work more efficiently with revenue management

Best Western KOM Hotel (143 rooms)


“The PMS we have had flaws, since you do not get all the information you need without having to do a lot of work manually.  It was a lot more time consuming before we had Demand Calendar” 


Case by: Minna Pykälämäki
Hotel Manager at Best Western KOM Hotel
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How to turn your figures from red to green

A Demand Calendar Hotel


"By changing their way of working, one of our customers managed to increase their revenues, market shares and the average daily rate without losing a single room night."


Case by: Ognjen Lauseger
Head of Customer Success at Demand Calendar

Customer success in five steps

For successful profitable revenue generation, you do not only need a software solution based on industry knowledge and industry standards, you also need industry professionals to guide you through implementation shifting the mindset from any revenue to profitable revenue.
The first step is to set up, collect and validate data from the hotel PMS and other data providers. The set-up process continues with specific settings for your hotel made in close collaboration with the hotel team.
Once the data has been validated and the flow of data has been verified, we will train your team in a workshop where we show you how to use Demand Calendar as well as important insights about your revenue and profit.
We will monitor your progress with Demand Calendar and help you to understand how to increase profitability for your business. After six to nine months we will meet your team to discuss insights, show new functionality and fine tune the settings for you to maximize profit.
We will continue to share our insights and best practices to help you further improve your acquisition of profitable revenue. We will also continue to develop Demand Calendar based on needs and ideas from our customers to always provide a high value for all users.

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