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Demand Calendar is used by many different hotels in different situations. Read about how these hotels became more successful by using Demand Calendar.

Customer Case - Hotel Royal

Nr of rooms: 76
Rank at Tripadvisor: #1 out of 60 hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden 
Other Info: Oldest hotel in the city of Gothenburg
"If you want to save time, make revenue management easy and get more time for other activities within the hotel, Demand Calendar is an excellent option for your hotel. Everyone who runs a hotel needs to have full control of their business to increase their revenue."

Interview with Mattias Solberg
Revenue & Front Desk Manager
Hotel Royal, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mattias (1)
RGI increase since they started to use Demand Calendar: 0,22

Deep industry knowledge and experience


Use data and insights when opening a new hotel.

The Winery Hotel (184 rooms).

“My colleagues and I are using Demand Calendar daily to facilitate our strategical decision-making when setting prices."

Case by: Marianne Söder
Commercial Manager at The Winery Hotel

Date: May 2019


How to work more efficiently with revenue management

Best Western KOM Hotel (143 rooms).

“The PMS we have had flaws since you do not get all the information you need without having to do a lot of work manually. It was a lot more time consuming before we had Demand Calendar”

Case by: Minna Pykälämäki
Hotel Manager at Best Western KOM Hotel

Date: June 2019

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How to run a successful family owned independent hotel in a competitive market.

“Everything is about seeing patterns and
it is much easier to do it in Demand

Case by: Carl von Schulman
Owner & General Manager
Date: January 2019

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