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About Demand Calendar

The revenue team in a hotel—marketing, sales, revenue management, and reservations—are devoting their time to deal with complex, unforeseen changes in demand, pricing, distribution, contracting and market behavior. More often than not, these issues require a human touch—creativity, expertise, intuition—that cannot be automated.

Demand Calendar was developed to enable hotels to better understand the challenges of how to acquire the most profitable revenue at any given time in the fastest and most productive way.

Our dedicated team is a combination of hotel industry management and system development experts. We are all dedicated to delivering the best results for our customers.

We empower the entrepreneurial spirit in independent hotels

We love to travel and experience the local flavor of the destination where we are going. Independent hotels have always been part of and active in the local community, but now there is an imminent threat from the mega-chains that are become more aggressive than ever before. Therefore we are passionate about helping independent hotels to become sustainable and prosperous over time.

Many of the most successful hotels in the world focus on revenue, so for us, it all starts with a strategy of how to acquire the most profitable revenue streams for independent hotels. We happily share our experience and knowledge, and we provide a great system to ease the work and keep track of the progress.

Our Team

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Anders Johansson


During my 30+ years in leading positions in hospitality I have always struggled to find a way to make sense of all raw data and encourage collaboration in my revenue teams. My passion is to make hotels more profitable by developing people’s knowledge and skills in capturing revenue. That’s why I founded Demand Calendar.

Phone: +46 70 560 0736

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Simen Echholt


Earning a master's degree in informatics, specializing in system development and software architecture, Simen has focused on building robust and scalable solutions for both the public and private sector. With over ten years of experience in the field, he has taken multiple business critical systems from concept to production.

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Madeleine Rosberg

Head of Communications

Has a Master of law and a broad experience from working with communication in different positions during the last 15 years.
She has been working for the Ministry of Foreign affairs, with public affairs for the pharmaceutical industry internationally as well as with political communication as an advisor in the Swedish parliament.

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Foto Demand Calendar Ognjen Lauseger

Ognjen Lauseger

Head of Customer Success

Pricing expert with more than 10 years experience crafting well-thought-out pricing strategies for hotels. Previously worked as Director of Pricing and Area Revenue Manager at Scandic Hotels. Worked as senior pricing expert for PriceGain.

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Magnus Edenmark

Business Development

Magnus has an extensive experience from international business development. For the last thirty years he has worked in the IT industry building successful business relationships globally.

Phone: +46 70 766 7787

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Marius Vossbeck

Country Manager Germany

Results-driven and execution savvy business professional with extensive entrepreneurial experience. +8 years of experience in Business Development and Digital Product Management, both in Multinationals and Startups.

Phone: +49 1522 9491 750

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Mads Hilden


Has 15 years experience of narrowing the gap between computers and people by developing user-centric systems.
Started as a developer and then moved into management with a dedication to maintain both the developer and manager perspective. Experienced with high volume data systems and customer integrations.

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Mikael Jelveby


A developer with more than 10 years experience crafting well-thought-out user interfaces and experiences.
He has an education in information design and as such knows how to put the needs of the target audience first.

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Oscar Frykholm

User Experience

Holds a PhD in interaction design and close to two decades of experience of working with user-centered design in complex organizations.

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Catarina Randow

Strategic Partners

A seasoned hotelier with over 25 years in the industry, who has combined that with a thorough knowledge of hotel systems generally and hotel revenue management & distribution systems. She is firmly convinced that all hotels need Demand Calendar to have a proper understanding of what’s happening in their business.

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