Augmented intelligence for commercial teams in hotels

We think that all hotels need to become more agile in managing their revenue streams. Demand Calendar balances the need for daily operational processes with data analytics that encourage creativity.


Demand + Calendar

Our mission is manifested in our name. Understanding and capturing Demand is the key to success in the hotel industry. The Calendar part stands for forward-looking planning on how to reach your goals.

We set out to help hotels better understand demand and give them a tool to plan, track, and optimize on their way to success.



From a simple forecasting tool to a system for all roles in the commercial team

We started small with a simple tool for small hotels to keep up with the competition. Today Demand Calendar is a complete system for making all roles in the commercial team highly productive, working in the same system in bringing in all revenue streams. Click on the links below to see specific functions for each role in the team.
From a simple tool to a system for the commercial team

Three critical steps in designing the ultimate Hotel B2B Sales CRM

We are passionate about making life easier for people working in commercial roles in hospitality. With 50+ years of experience in hotel sales and hotel management, our ambition is to simplify and focus on making the core sales job as straightforward and productive as possible. Read more...

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Our team is dedicated to hospitality

Most of the team members have worked in many management roles in the hotel industry for decades. We teamed up with system development experts to create Demand Calendar. More about the team...

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