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A pricing model tailor-made for the hospitality industry

We use a revenue-based pricing model, which means we can tailor our fees to any hotel's individual business needs.


"All our customers talk about how many hours per week they save by using Demand Calendar to manage commercial activities. But, an even higher impact is that our customers have increased their market share, thereby increasing their revenue and profits. The small fee to Demand Calendar is a fraction of the total value we bring to the hotel. Click on "BOOK A MEETING" below to learn more about our pricing and take the first step to become more productive and successful."

Phil Robart, Vice President of Sales, Demand Calendar
+1 403 830 9875

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Let's discuss the best pricing option for your hotel

One module for each commercial role


Attract guests (B2C)

✓ Marketing dashboard
✓ Market, segment analysis
✓ Campaign performance
✓ Campaign pick-up tracking
✓ Rate or clustered rate tracking
✓ Booking window
✓ Stay patterns

B2B Sales CRM

Attract guests (B2B)

✓ Sales dashboard
✓ Sales performance
✓ Automate sales pipeline
✓ Activities, tasks and alerts
✓ Automated company reports
✓ Calendar and email sync
✓ Mobile first


Optimize total revenue.

✓ Revenue dashboard
✓ Forecasting
✓ Pick-Up Tracking
✓ Pick-Up alerts
✓ Market Potential analysis
✓ Segment analysis
✓ Revenue reporting

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked
questions about our pricing options.

Revenue-based fee

The fee is a fraction of a percent of the total gross room revenue and is payable at the end of each month. Our philosophy is that when room revenue is low, such as during the low season, we will help the hotel by charging less. When the hotel is successful the fee will be a little higher. Hotels that were closed due to Covid-19 did not pay anything and were able to use Demand Calendar for free.


We allow an unlimited number of users in all revenue-based fee options. Any number of hotel team members, freelancers, and consultants are welcome as users. It is up to the hotel to decide. We want to encourage the use of Demand Calendar, so no extra fees should prevent anyone from accessing vital information for making the right decisions.

Training and coaching

When the hotel data is available in Demand Calendar, we provide initial remote training for four hours included in the revenue-based fee. Onsite training, additional training, and coaching are available for an additional cost. 

New functionality

Demand Calendar continuously develops new functionality accessible for all customers and is included in the fee. In addition, customers using a single module will access improvements in that specific module.

Interfaces to data providers

The hotel is responsible for providing data to Demand Calendar, including paying data providers for data, extraction of data, interfaces, and other costs charged by data providers. Demand Calendar does not charge for any interfaces to Demand Calendar in the revenue-based model.

Correct data is vital to every hotel for getting the right insights and information. Therefore, it is included in the fee to verify all data sources and set-up of data transfers to Demand Calendar.


Demand Calendar uses Google Cloud and guarantees the same uptime as Google. In addition, demand Calendar monitors data transfers from data providers to Demand Calendar and will take action if the data provider has not transferred the data correctly. For example, hotels manage their data in different ways that could cause problems. Demand Calendar will correct any issues reported by a customer within a reasonable time. All support is included in the fee unless the hotel or any data providers are in default.