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Profit Mastery with Demand Calendar: The Mission-Critical Tool for Every Hotel CEO to Drive Success

If you're passionate about the business of hotels, you've come to the right place. CEOs in today's complex hotel industry require a tailored, mission-critical tool that aligns with their strategic vision. Demand Calendar is an indispensable asset, paving the path for hoteliers to maximize profitability.

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Boost Your Hotel's Success and Profits with Demand Calendar

What if you could access all your essential data in one streamlined system, perfectly aligning every management team across your hotels and enhancing their ability to drive superior productivity and profitability?
So that you ensure long-term, consistent profits for your stakeholders while maintaining an edge through data-informed decisions, regular performance tracking, and ensuring the synergy of managing your entire hotel portfolio.
For example, with Demand Calendar, you'll effortlessly evaluate performance across individual hotels, measure outcomes by department, assess sales achievements, and benchmark your properties against competitors. This macro-level insight allows you to make impactful strategic changes and reinforces your leadership position within the industry.
And that's not all. Demand Calendar provides advanced marketing, sales, and revenue management tools. It boasts features that significantly simplify reporting, automatic data collection to save precious time, and functionalities designed to make tasks for hotel teams smoother and more efficient. The ultimate outcome? Empowering your hotels to amplify their profitability with ease.

From Data Anarchy to Data Mastery

Centralized Data Warehouse: Integrates data from multiple sources (PMS, RMS, Benchmarking) into a single, accessible platform, eliminating fragmentation and silos.

Automated Data Collection: Automating data collection processes reduces manual data entry and errors, ensuring real-time updates and accuracy.

Enhanced Data Integration: Provides a unified view of all revenue streams and operational metrics, improving data accuracy and enabling comprehensive analysis.

Read more about how Demand Calendar Manages Data

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From Information Overload to Clarity

Curated Reports and Dashboards: Highlights the most important metrics, allowing you to focus on critical insights without being overwhelmed by excessive data.
Intuitive Visuals: Clear and interactive visuals (charts, graphs, dashboards) to simplify complex data, making it easy to understand at a glance.
Instant Roll-Up and Drill-Down Capabilities: Instantly roll up to a region, brand, destination, or cluster of hotels for a comprehensive view of the total business, or drill down to analyze ten different variables in detail or look at a specific reservation.

From Missed Revenue to Max Profit

Efficient Forecasting Process: Unlock an uncomplicated and efficient forecasting process that enables you to anticipate demand and capitalize on every opportunity.

Customer Understanding and Revenue Maximization: Understand customers and guests, meet their needs with the right products and services and maximize revenue per guest.

Insights and Targeted Campaigns: Leverage insights based on patterns, demand, competition, and data from various sources to run campaigns that attract the right guests and maximize revenue per guest.

The CEO and Top Management

Demand Calendar provides a centralized data platform that offers comprehensive insights across all properties, enabling informed strategic decision-making. Automation and real-time data ensure that top management can monitor performance and make data-driven decisions swiftly. Read more...
CEO and team

The Commercial Team

Demand Calendar streamlines data collection and reporting, allowing the commercial team to focus on strategy rather than manual data entry. This leads to better alignment and more effective execution of revenue-generating strategies. Read more...
Marketing and sales in hotels

Revenue Managers

Demand Calendar provides real-time, accurate data and intuitive reports, making it easier for revenue managers to analyze performance and forecast revenue. This enables proactive decision-making and maximizes revenue potential across the hotel portfolio. Read more...


Demand Calendar offers detailed insights into market trends and customer behavior, enabling the marketing team to create targeted campaigns. Automated data collection and reporting free up time for creative strategy development and execution. Read more...


Sales Teams

Demand Calendar consolidates customer profiles and performance data, allowing the sales team to identify high-value opportunities and track performance efficiently. This helps build stronger customer relationships and optimize sales efforts. Read more...
A Hotel Sales Team

Step-by-step onboarding - fast adoption

We have developed Demand Calendar for managing Profit-Oriented Total Revenue Management for hotels and resorts with multiple properties. We connect to all your PMS, and you are up and running. It is that simple. The easiest onboarding in the industry. Continue to read about how to get started with Demand Calendar to make your commercial team more productive ↓

Trusted by independent hotels and groups of all sizes

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S:t Clemens increased EBITDA with 200 % over three years

Carl von Schulman
" With Demand Calendar, I got the insight that my rate was too low even on my best days of the year. Since then, I have increased room revenue solely by a higher rate, which means that my profit has increased substantially."

Great Support from Demand Calendar during Covid-19

Desirè Nofo
" Our revenue dropped dramatically when the COVID-19 outbreak started. We took immediate action to cut our staff costs and expenses. We decided to keep Demand Calendar since we needed a system to keep track of future pick-up and to have a tight grip on forecasting. We like their variable pricing model which made the system affordable in this situation. The team at Demand Calendar has been very supportive and helped us with forecasting and advice around pricing strategies. We have managed to increase our market share in this difficult market situation.”

Let me show you Demand Calendar

"I would be happy to show you how Demand Calendar will help you with total revenue management and how to make your commercial team more productive."

Phil Robart, Vice President of Sales, Demand Calendar
+1 403 830 9875

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I am happy to share my knowledge

"I would be happy to share my knowledge and experiences in how to build high-performing commercial teams. During my 30+ years in leading positions in hospitality, I have always struggled to find a way to make sense of all raw data and encourage collaboration in my revenue teams. My passion is to make hotels more profitable by developing people’s knowledge and skills in capturing revenue. That’s why I founded Demand Calendar."

Anders Johansson, Demand Calendar anders@demandcalendar.com, +46 70 560 0736

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