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An Introduction to Profit-Oriented
Revenue Management

This whitepaper highlights the top 10 actions that have been proven to significantly impact a hotel’s profitability based on extensive industry experience. These actions cover a range of areas, from understanding marginal profit to utilizing data and analytics. By optimizing all of your hotel operations and marketing, you can create a harmonious and profitable balance that surpasses traditional limits.

  Key Concepts
  Understanding the P&L
  Commercial Team and Operations
  Top 10 actions to improve profits
  The first 3 steps to implementation
Take the first steps to make your hotel more Profit-Oriented

The Benefits of Total Revenue Management

One of the key benefits of TRM is the ability to understand the customer journey and make data-driven decisions. By collecting and analyzing data on guest behavior, hotels can identify the most profitable revenue streams and adjust their offerings accordingly. These insights allow them to increase revenue while improving the guest experience.

  What is Total Revenue Management?
  The Benefits for Stakeholders
  How to get started
  Action plan
  Strategy template
Get started with Total Revenue Management to grow profits

Market Segmentation:
The Key to Success in Hospitality

From a marketing perspective, a hotel would like to reach only those who have a reason to travel to the destination. This minimizes the acquisition cost and increases the bottom line. Analyzing a poorly structured and irrelevant segmentation will make the wrong marketing, sales, and revenue decisions, which might heavily impact market share and the bottom line.

  Reasons for travel
  Recreation and Holidays
  Visit Friends and Family
  Business and Professional
  Selecting the Right Market Segments
  Build the Structure in the Hotel PMS
  Analyze Market Segments
  Easy-to-use Templates
White paper - Market Segmentation
Revitalize Market Segmentation to Increase Guest Satisfaction

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