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Build the best commercial team in hospitality

Optimizing revenue with fewer resources requires
hotel business intelligence to gain insights, make accurate forecasts, and track performance.

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One system for the commercial team

Demand Calendar makes the commercial team more productive with instant access to information to enable better decisions.

  • Automation eliminates the struggle to manually handle data. 
  • Promoting teamwork instead of working in silos
  • Specifically designed for hotels to capture all revenue streams.
A job description for the next generation commercial manager


Start fresh every morning with up-to-date information about all your hotels in one single view.

  • All current campaigns tracked automatically

  • New deals automatically added to the sales pipeline

  • Full pick-up tracking for every segment and reservation

Download the self-assessment for the Commercial Team


Improve collaboration in the commercial team to outperform your competition

  • Develop and share brand content
  • Collaborate on tactical campaigns
  • Agree on pricing for contracted customers
The commercial team
Read about "Create a High-Performance Commercial Team"


Use your valuable hotel business intellicence to make smarter decisions to drive profitability.

  • Plan, track and optimize revenue for all your hotels
  • Customer focus to capture more of the market
  • Increase productivity and keep costs under control
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