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Elevate Strategic Planning and Performance Tracking

Is your competition consistently one step ahead? Juggling spreadsheets, inconsistent reporting data, and budgeting challenges leave you feeling reactive, not proactive. Discover how Demand Calendar transforms your strategic planning with real-time insights, empowering data-driven success.

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Unify Your Teams. Unlock Your Portfolio's Full Potential. Drive Consistent Growth.

Feeling stuck in a cycle of outdated reports, reactive decisions, missed opportunities, and constantly mediating between misaligned teams?

What if you could instantly grasp the performance of your entire hotel portfolio, see areas where competitors are pulling ahead, and gain the insights to make strategic, data-driven course corrections?

So that you empower your teams to work in unison, fueled by a shared understanding of the market landscape. Tap into untapped opportunities, outmaneuver your competition, and ensure consistent long-term profitability across your properties.

For example, Demand Calendar provides CEO-level dashboards for tracking key metrics and drilling down into individual hotel performance. Spot underperformance, benchmark against the competition, and identify where teams need to realign to capture more market share.

And that's not all. Demand Calendar is more than a dashboard. It's the foundation for breaking down silos and driving collaboration. Your marketing, sales, revenue, and management teams will share the same real-time data, leading to synchronized strategies that give you a competitive edge that few can match.


Driving Profitability in Hotel Groups: The CEO Mandate for Commercial Success

As a CEO, ensuring the long-term commercial success of a hotel portfolio rests on three key pillars:

  1. Strategic Differentiation: As the CEO, I expect my Commercial leadership to champion a multi-hotel strategy that positions each property uniquely. Data-driven analysis of strengths, target markets, and the competition must guide this approach. We cannot be all things to all people.

  2. Team Alignment: Marketing, sales, and revenue teams must operate in sync, driven by shared KPIs and a shared understanding of the bigger picture. Silos will cripple our growth. I want to create a culture where data-backed collaboration is the norm, enabling rapid adaptation to market shifts.

  3. SMART Systems: I won't accept excuses based on inefficient tools. My Commercial team needs systems that streamline goal-setting, budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. But tools alone aren't enough – I will invest in training to ensure these resources are used to their full potential.

Why This Matters: This approach isn't just about efficiency; it's about a competitive edge. In a dynamic market, those who understand their niche, operate as a unified force, and have the right tools to act decisively will outperform the rest.

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The Gains of Using Demand Calendar:
A Hotel CEO's Perspective

  1. Command and Control: Demand Calendar provides a bird's-eye view of your commercial operations. Instantly assess performance, spot underutilized resources, and make informed strategic adjustments across your entire portfolio.

  2. Team Unity and Proactive Revenue Growth: Break down silos and empower your commercial teams with a shared data foundation. This fosters seamless collaboration, proactive revenue strategies, and minimizes miscommunications that lead to missed opportunities.

  3. Data-Driven Confidence: Replace gut feeling with certainty. Demand Calendar puts market insights, competitor intelligence, and team performance data at your fingertips for smarter investment, pricing, and staffing decisions.

  4. Operational Efficiency, Maximized Profitability: Streamline processes, eliminate redundant data-wrangling, and ensure your budget is aligned with real-world demand. Demand Calendar frees your team from time-wasting tasks and unlocks the full revenue potential of your hotels.

  5. Competitive Edge: In a constantly changing market, those with foresight outperform those who react. Demand Calendar reveals emerging trends and competitor weaknesses, positioning you to consistently be one step ahead.

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Portfolio Overview Dashboard

Imagine all your hotels on a single screen. Quickly spot underperforming properties, benchmark against each other, and drill down for deeper analysis. This is your early warning system. Instead of reacting to problems, you'll spot them before they impact your bottom line.
Screen shows from top to bottom
  • Total revenue + revenue source analysis
  • Room revenue + volume/rate analysis
  • Competition + RGI analysis
Hotel Group CEO Dashbord

Consolidated Monthly Revenue Report

The consolidated revenue report for the whole group of hotels is available first thing in the morning on the first day of the month. No more waiting for critical information necessary to make adjustments to further grow revenue and profits.

The screenshot of the report shows the month, YTD, and full-year forecasts for all revenue sources, hotel statistics, market share, early warnings, and, finally, comments made by a human to explain why and add important details.

Monthly Revenue Report

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