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Revolutionize Your Hotel Revenue Management with Demand Calendar

Introducing Demand Calendar, the ultimate solution for hotel revenue managers looking to streamline their processes and achieve their RGI goals. With automatic data collection and advanced analysis capabilities, this all-in-one system simplifies the process of Total Revenue Management and empowers you to make better decisions, faster.

Revenue Management

How to become the best Revenue Manager in the hospitality industry

What if you could seamlessly access revenue insights from every hotel department, effortlessly track pick-up and on-the-books data, and cross-reference ten distinct variables, all within a single comprehensive platform?
So that you not only eliminate time-consuming manual tasks juggling between systems but also redirect your expertise towards more strategic initiatives, ensuring a harmonized and maximized approach across all revenue streams from hotel rooms to dining experiences.
For example, Demand Calendar gives you powerful tools to boost total revenue, enhance guest spending everywhere, and upsell effectively. Understand your most valuable guests, compare your hotel's performance to competitors, and match your forecast with expected destination demand.
And that's not all. Venture beyond traditional metrics and pioneer the focus on NetRevPAR, managing customer acquisition costs to ensure maximum profitability. Be the game-changer in your organization, taking revenue management to new heights and setting a benchmark for your peers in the hospitality industry.
Hotel Revenue Manager

If any of this sounds familiar, you need Demand Calendar

It takes a lot of time to collect data

❌  Our data resides in many different systems

❌  A substantial part of my work is to find the correct data

❌  It takes forever to copy and paste data between systems

❌  We cannot use one system for all our hotels

❌ Most of our data collection processes are manual

It isn't easy to understand the information

❌  We do not know how to capture a higher market share

❌  I cannot forecast and track pick-up for all revenue sources

❌  We cannot track forecasting accuracy

❌  I have no visibility of group business

❌ Reporting to management takes too much time

Demand Calendar is a game-changer for Total Revenue Management

Here is an ideal day in the hotel revenue managers life:

Always running in the background

All, new, modified, or canceled, reservations transfer automatically with all details from the hotel PMS. In addition, Demand Calendar collects data from benchmarking, rate shopping, and the revenue management system to have all data organized and ready to use to make actionable decisions to improve performance.


iPhone on breakfast - Dashboard

Start of day

Log in to the dashboard to show yesterday's performance and pick-up. Demand Calendar searches for anomalies and will alert you when pick-up is too fast or too slow, so you will not miss any opportunities to optimize revenue. Then, take action and start checking all alerts off, one by one. Add notes to the Demand Calendar diary for each day to keep track of decisions and actions. Next, check that all the new reservations are complete and accurate, and assess group inquiries.


Revenue manger start of the day

Morning - focus on yielding

Review the room forecast for the next couple of weeks. The best Revenue Managers keep all estimates updated to ensure that the forecast is current, so this process will only take a few minutes every day.

Review the forecast for all other revenue sources and pay attention to any new inquiries that might materialize. If it is likely that a group will become definitive, it is time to consider a rate adjustment for the remaining inventory. Make a note to yourself in the diary.

The booking pace might be slow for some days, so the hotel needs an attractive campaign to speed up the pick-up. Assist marketing with analyzing campaign content, rates and executing distribution of availability and rates.

The ideal forecasting process

Forecast - Businessman writing ideas to a wall

Afternoon - focus on team actions

After spending the morning on finetuning the total revenue forecast, you now have all the facts and figures to support the other team members.

Discuss and assist sales and in-house sales with attractive rates to win the right business.

Help marketing to analyze campaign results and advice on where new campaigns could help bring in more business. Discuss which campaigns and special rates to open or close.

Respond to any requests for facts and figures from your boss. If time permits, go deeper into the statistics to better understand trends and patterns.


Before leaving for the day

Review the pick-up and any additional alerts. Check all tasks and plan the work for the next day. Go home confident that you have 100 % control. Once in a while, check that you are getting closer to your goals.


Day by day Pick Up- Computer

Total Revenue Forecasting and Pick-up Tracking is simple and complete in one system and developed specifically for hotel revenue managers.

Automatic data collection

  Automatic data transfer from the hotel PMS
  Automatic data transfer from Benchmarking
 Automatic data transfer from Rate Shopping
  Automatic data transfer from RMS
 Automatic data transfer from other sources
  All data stored in one easily accessible system
  Automatically consolidated data from all hotels


Easy to make forecasts and share decisions

  Overviews to understand the big picture
  Details for deeper insights
  Visualization of trends
  Cross-analysis between internal and external data
  Total Revenue Forecasting (all revenue sources)
  Pick-up tracking of almost everything
  Reporting to easily share progress and forecasts

Optimize revenue performance and work more efficient

Ellinor Sjöstedt
" Demand Calendar eliminates time-wasting administration and gives me time to work more strategically. To optimize revenue performance it is vital to analyze data and determine how to develop and optimize each market segment. The system supporting us to work more efficiently and help us achieve a competitive advantage in the market."

Easy to use

Mattias (1)
" Demand Calendar gives us the perfect overview of our business and instead of spending all our time collecting data we can focus that time to make strategic decisions. It's an easy tool to use for forecasting, pick-up tracking & segment analysis and enables us to make better and faster decisions to increase profitability."

Give me a call

"I would like to share my experience of working as a commercial manager and a revenue manager in both independent and chain hotels in Stockholm, Sweden. My team at the Winery Hotel used Demand Calendar on a daily basis. Together we became the market leader in the destination just two years after opening. My role in Demand Calendar is to help our customers to reach their goals. I am happy to train and coach all commercial roles in hotels."

Marianne Söder, Demand Calendar marianne@demandcalendar.com, +46 70 204 0004

Marianne Söder Demand Calendar
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