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Sales Success Made Simple: Hotel-Specific Features for Enduring Profitable Growth

If you are passionate about creating customers and building long-term relationships that will produce recurring revenue year after year, you have come to the right place. We remove annoying obstacles for sales and have the hotel sales-specific features you need in a Sales Management System for hotels.


Mastering Hotel Sales: From Room Nights and Selling to Relationship Management

Here are the three pillars of the hotel sales job.

Contracting Room Nights: The salesperson is responsible for securing commitments for room nights from various sources. This involves developing relationships with corporate clients, travel agents, and tour operators, negotiating mutually beneficial contracts, and ensuring a steady stream of room bookings.

Selling Meetings & Events: The salesperson also works to sell the hotel's meeting and event spaces. This includes identifying potential clients (companies, event planners, or individuals), showcasing the hotel's facilities, and securing bookings. They may also coordinate with other hotel departments to ensure the successful execution of these events.

Relationship Management: A significant part of the job is managing client relationships. This includes maintaining regular communication, addressing issues or concerns, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The goal is to foster long-term relationships that lead to repeat business.

Whitepaper: Make Sales More Productive

Unpacking the Pains of Hotel Sales

Hotel sales professionals often face numerous challenges that make their jobs demanding and stressful.
High Performance and Time Pressure: Salespeople face relentless pressure to meet daunting sales targets while juggling myriad responsibilities, leading to a constant race against the clock.
Lack of Data: Salespeople struggle with data chaos due to inappropriate systems, siloed data, and data quality issues, hindering effective decision-making.
Limited Customer Knowledge: A lack of data, time constraints, and other factors create a formidable barrier for salespeople to gain a deep understanding of customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors.
Rampant Staff Turnover: High turnover rates in the hotel industry disrupt sales efforts and client relationships, making it an uphill battle for salespeople to maintain a profit-oriented approach.
Poor Collaboration with Other Departments: Salespeople often find themselves lost in departmental silos, making coordination with other departments challenging, especially in larger hotels or chains.

Unleashing Sales Potential: How Demand Calendar Tackles Hotel Sales Pains

Here's how Demand Calendar can address the pains of hotel salespeople with its unique Sales Management System.
Seamless Accessibility: Hotel salespeople have a user-friendly, all-in-one platform at their fingertips, accessible on any device.
Effortless Automation: Demand Calendar handles the heavy lifting, automating tasks from inquiry transfers to reservation updates, freeing salespeople to focus on winning deals.
Insightful Customer Analytics: Get insights into customer profitability by easily accessing production reports and value estimates to make informed decisions to take the customer relationship to the next level.
Flexible Pipeline Management: Empower salespeople with customizable pipeline filtering and sorting, providing full control over the sales process.
Easy Collaboration: The multi-property feature facilitates easy collaboration within a group of hotels and coordination with other departments, streamlining the customer experience.

The Gains of Using Demand Calendar

Using a comprehensive sales management system can provide numerous benefits for hotel salespeople.

Improved Data Management: A centralized, real-time data system aids in making informed strategies and decisions.
Enhanced Customer Knowledge: Advanced customer data analysis capabilities enable a better understanding and targeting of the most profitable customers.
Efficient Time Management: A comprehensive overview of sales activities helps manage time and reduce stress.
Smooth Transition During Staff Turnover: Retaining all customer data ensures new salespeople can quickly adapt to existing client relationships and sales efforts.
Improved Collaboration: A shared platform facilitates better inter-departmental collaboration by providing a space for accessing and updating relevant information.
Increased Profitability: Focusing efforts on the most profitable customers and services increases hotel revenue and profitability.

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A Day in the Life of a Hotel Salesperson: Efficiency, Automation, and Control

Imagine a day when everything falls into place, where automation handles the boring stuff, and you can focus on what really matters - closing more deals and building strong customer relationships.
This is a hotel salesperson using the Demand Calendar Sales Management System. By the end of the day, you leave work feeling confident that you have complete control and are one step closer to achieving your goals.

Always running in the background

New inquiries transfer automatically from the hotel PMS to the sales pipeline. In addition, Demand Calendar will update and mark any changes in group and meeting reservations.

Read your daily automatic morning email from Demand Calendar to get the latest update of production, inquiries, and tasks.

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Start of day

Efficiently handle incoming inquiries, promptly responding and setting reminders for yourself or your team. Stay organized by reviewing meetings and tasks on the daily dashboard. Methodically complete each item, adding notes, responding to emails, and logging calls for inquiries, contacts, or customers. Finally, collaborate with the revenue manager for special rates to secure business.

Unique Feature: Hotel Sales Pipeline

The Hotel B2B Sales Pipeline to maximize productivity


30 minutes before lunch

Check for new inquiries, review the list of tasks, and pinpoint what you need to do before the end of the day. Retrieve all the information and current production for the customer you have invited for lunch. Print a copy of the visually attractive company production report for the customer. Go to lunch well prepared.

Unique Feature: Customer Production Reports



Between sales meetings, negotiations, and preparing proposals, respond to new inquiries, add notes, and set activities. It is easy to delegate tasks to other people in the team if many deals need immediate attention.
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Before leaving for the day

Review the sales pipeline and look for new inquiries. Check all tasks and plan the work for the next day. Go home confident that you have 100 % control. Once in a while, check that you are getting closer to your goals.

Learn how to track hotel-specific sales KPIs.

Setting goals for B2B Sales People

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Accurate reports strengthen the relationship with travel managers

Lotten Fowler
" As a travel manager, you struggle with getting the right information about the use of your hotel program. When I saw the Company Production Report in Demand Calendar, I immediately realized that this report could help hotel salespeople in supporting their corporate customer and thereby strengthening the relationship”

Keep track of your agreements

Christian Lundgren The Winery Hotel
" Demand Calendar helps me keep track of our agreements without losing time in administration. Before Demand Calendar it was difficult to find all the data components I needed in our PMS but now it's just 1 click away. This makes it much easier to see patterns and react to them before it's too late.”

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