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Customer Case - Hotel Royal

Nr of rooms: 76
Rank at Tripadvisor: #1 out of 60 hotel in Gothenburg
Other Info: Oldest hotel in the city of Gothenburg
"If you want to save time, make revenue management easy and get more time for other activities within the hotel, Demand Calendar is an excellent option for your hotel. Everyone who runs a hotel needs to have full control of their business to increase their revenue."

Interview with Mattias Solberg
Revenue & Front Desk Manager
Hotel Royal, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mattias - Hotel Royal

RGI increase since they
started to use Demand Calendar


What convinced you to start with Demand Calendar?

One of the main reasons for our decision to invest in Demand Calendar was that we struggled with strategic decisions for the future. We were in the market for a tool that gave us the opportunity to analyze data to make smarter and faster decisions. Some important features we looked for were pick-up, forecasting and segment analysis. In Demand Calendar we found a tool which enables us to take the next step in order to increase our revenue.


How does your daily work with Demand Calendar look like and what are the benefits?

Daily routines in Demand Calendar
Each day we check our dashboard where we get a good overview to make a quick analysis of important key figures and KPIs. We check pick-up, sales and RGI changes. Already in the dashboard you get a good overview if we need to adjust pricing our strategies. 
Furthermore we check pick-up 1 week ahead in more detail to optimize our pricing. Another daily important routine is to check our forecast 2-3 weeks ahead and if there is anything we need to adjust.  
Weekly routine in Demand Calendar
We usually sit once a week to look at different reports
Weekday report - This report gives us a quick overview of how we perform different days in the week which indicates the days we need to take a closer look on. Before we started to use Demand Calendar we performed well certain weekdays, now we increase our market-share all days of the week which is a direct outcome of assistance from the system.
Monthly report - The day after each month you have access to a monthly report with all relevant key figures and KPIs. This report enables us to make fast and accurate decisions to reach our goals. The best part is that we don’t need to spend valuable time gathering data. No time wasting on administration.

Can you remember a Demand Calendar "aha moment" that you or an employee had?

Potential view - You will quickly identify which days you lose money to your competitors and can easily analyze what actions you need to take in order to increase your market share in the future.

Simple to use - You get a quick overview of your hotel performance to make better decisions for the future. You learn the system quickly and in my role, responsible both for front desk and revenue management, it’s the perfect tool to keep up with both areas.

Potential - Man climbing transparent

What would you advise or say to other hotels considering Demand Calendar?

If you want to save time, make revenue management easy and free time for other activities within the hotel, Demand Calendar is an excellent option for your hotel. Everyone who runs a hotel needs to have full control of their business to increase their revenue. Demand Calendar not only makes historical data easily accessible, we can also look into the future and make better strategic decisions. In Demand Calendar you have a tool that collects all data in one system which means you don’t need to switch between different systems. 

The integration with our PMS Nitesoft and other systems such as rate shopping and benchmarking also went very smoothly.


How does Demand Calendar help you as a Revenue Manager?

We have already mentioned many benefits, but to make a summary:

  • Easy to make a forecast
  • Good overview of the hotel performance and make better decisions for the future
  • Saves me a lot of time which means more time for other activities in the hotel without losing the control of optimizing the revenue.
Forecast - Businessman writing ideas to a wall

How did you calculate ROI of Demand Calendar before you decided to invest in the system?

We calculated on how many days per year we lost money to our competitors. Then we made an assumption on how many of these dates we could increase our market share if we invested in a system like Demand Calendar. We calculated on a 10 % increase.

Solution for Commercial Team_-02

We are curious about your PMS, Nitesoft, which we know you have been using for some time. What can you tell us about it?

The best with Nitesoft is the user-friendliness. It’s incredibly easy to learn the system for new employees which makes on-boarding very easy. When we have a user-friendly PMS we can focus on the guests to make the best service possible.  Another advantage is that the PMS is cloud based which means that you can connect from anywhere.

*Demand Calendar have integration with Nitesoft and the process to integrate the systems is fast and smooth. 


Thank you Mattias!

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