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Happy New Year 2022

30 December 2021
2022 is the year when we all look forward to the hospitality industry taking a giant leap in recovering from the pandemic. Even if there will be some challenges with additional travel restrictions at the beginning of the year, the outlook is positive. As a result, hotels should use the first quarter for final preparations for a strong recovery for the rest of the year.
A year ago, when we were about to leave 2020, the worst year ever for the hospitality industry, we were all optimistic and hoped that 2021 would be the year when the sector leaped to recover significantly. Unfortunately, preliminary figures from UNWTO indicate that the tourism industry's revenue loss will be a staggering 2 trillion USD in 2021, which is the same amount as in 2020. The recovery has been slower than expected, but we hope 2022 will be the actual recovery year.
As the founder and CEO of a small company providing solutions for the commercial team in hotels, I am optimistic that travel and tourism will recover significantly in 2022. The past two years have been difficult for our customers, so we have charged less and offered help for free. We have also asked our customers what functions they would like to see in Demand Calendar in the future. In 2021 we continued to develop features that will help hotels recover faster when the demand increases. Here are three new features that originated from ideas from our customers that will significantly contribute to a fast recovery.

Hotel B2B Sales CRM

The B2B Sales CRM is the latest addition to the Demand Calendar suite of solutions for commercial teams in hotels. The ambition is to make life easier for hotel salespeople and at the same time make them more productive. We have listened to salespeople in hotels for 35+ years and have extensive knowledge to improve hotel B2B sales productivity. Deep integration to the hotel PMS allows automated workflows with less manual data handling. All functions are multi-property which means that the system can handle many hotels, a local and centralized sales organization, languages, and currencies. The B2B Sales CRM is probably the first B2B CRM developed explicitly for hotels. Read more about all the features at Solutions/Sales Manager

Total Revenue Forecasting

The hotel industry has discussed total revenue management for many years, but it has been difficult for many hotels to get started. Earlier this year, we took the first step and implemented an additional module for Total Revenue Forecasting. The ambition is to help hotels take the first step in getting started with total revenue management. Hotels can customize the Total Revenue Forecasting module to any hotel and revenue source. The integration to the hotel PMS makes it possible to keep track of all financial transactions and show historical data and patterns for different revenue sources. It is easy to forecast and keep the figures up to date based on patterns and on-the-books data. Book a meeting with us here or read more about the Ideal Forecasting Process

Analytics and business intelligence

It is easy to get lost in all the available data in the hotel industry. Our ambition is to help hotels save valuable time by preventing endless searching by trial and error. Therefore, we curate the information and show the most important information first. From there, the user can easily drill-down to for detailed analysis. At the beginning of the year, we launched Cross-Check Analysis to give users access to even more granular information. The user can cross-analyze two of eleven variables to understand the impact of different variables. Furthermore, the user can compare any period to any other period and perform the cross-check analysis for one hotel, a cluster of hotels, or all hotels in a hotel group.

Plans for 2022

We have a passion for making life easier for people working in commercial roles in hotels. When the job is more manageable, productivity will increase, and the hotel will become more successful. It seems like people become a little bit happier when they enhance their jobs with the help of Demand Calendar. Here are some interviews with our customers.
We will continue to provide ideas and share knowledge in the blog (90 blog posts in 2021), whitepapers, and virtual and physical meetings. In addition, we are already working on adding new functionality to make hotels even more productive in attracting guests, customers, and revenue.
We wish you all a prosperous 2022 and hope to welcome many of you as new customers in 2022.