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Anders Johansson

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The new commercial team in a hotel

The covid-19 pandemic will change how hotels are run and in particular how all commercial operations are planned and implemented. Which tasks are most important right now and how can these be handled by one person? You can also download a detailed job description for the new commercial manager.

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Business travel will not be the same after COVID-19

Covid-19 will speed up the recent trends affecting business travel and business meetings. More people will move into a digital work lifestyle.

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Availability in corporate contracts

There are four options to negotiate the availability in corporate hotel contracts

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Why pay attention to Customer acquisition costs

Customer acquisition costs have been increasing and are now 15-25 % of room revenue and are expected to profoundly affect the profits of hotels.

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Do you capture your fair share of the market?

Many hotels think that they capture their fair share or more than their fair share of the market when looking at benchmarking data. The figures can be misleading since they are accumulated over time and do not show the necessary granularity.

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Five common mistakes that revenue managers make

In short, Revenue Management is about taking control of supply and demand and in this way increasing the company's profitability. Here are some short points about some common mistakes that a revenue manager can make in their work and some tips on how to deal with them.

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