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Guidelines to execute the strategy

20 April 2021
An excellent formulated recovery strategy will fail if not implemented correctly. It is impossible to implement a plan unless there is a stable organization with clear roles, the right talents are on board, and systems that will make implementation faster and more accurate are in place.

Guidelines are an internal “best practice” and the hotel’s secret sauce to beat its competition. It is essential to have guidelines for areas where it is vital to stick to the strategy or where decisions are at risk of not being aligned with the plan and devastate the strategy and prevent success.

There are three benefits of using guidelines

Strategic alignment will make it easier to reach the objectives. Guidelines are something to hold on to when making decisions under uncertainty.

Communication tool to guide people to take action and make better decisions. Well-written guidelines will make it easier for team members to take the right actions in binging in business and servicing guests.

Expand the knowledge by following up and evaluate to find the actions that produce the best results. Document all learnings to keep the knowledge in the hotel when people leave for other jobs.

The hotel industry is known to have a standard operating procedure for almost everything. These are detailed instructions for roles with high turnover to secure a minimum level of quality and service. Guidelines are broader and outlines a direction rather than detailed instructions.

Four important guidelines

In the white paper we have outlined four important guidelines for commercial work in hotels.

  • Brand guidelines
  • Rate and pricing guidelines
  • Meeting group and group guidelines
  • Contracting guidelines

These four guidelines is a good starting point to make sure that all roles in the commercial team are aligned and work towards the long-term vision and short-term objectives. Klick on the button to the right and download the white paper.

Five building blocks

Apart from guidelines as a tool when executing the recovery strategy, this white paper outlines four other building blocks needed to create a high-performance commercial team to recover faster during the next couple of years.

The five building blocks are

  1. Build the proper organizational structure
  2. Hire A-level talents
  3. Automate to minimize waste of time
  4. Execute the recovery strategy
  5. Communicate progress