Profit focus for independent hotel groups

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A better way to lead your hotels

Chain Dashboard to track the performance of all hotels. Automated accurately consolidated reports on time. One system for the commercial team for all hotels.


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How to plan, track and optimize profitability

Maximize your real potential

Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. We combine your PMS data with benchmarking data and analyze the market, day by day. See exactly where you have potential to increase your marketshare.

Consolidated Reporting

How many of the reports in your PMS do you actually use? We do not boast about how many reports we provide, but how few and well curated reports we have. 

Manage Cost of Acquisition

It is important to measure customer acquisition cost accurately. We  classify cost in four categories and calculate the cost for every single reservation. This will give you real insights and help you make the right decisions for increased profits. 

Interactive Dashboards

As the top management you will know exactly how your hotels are performing. Chain dashboards show actuals and trends of the revenue. All is automated, so there is no need to collect data, cut, copy and paste and waste valuable time.

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