Calculate YOUR hidden revenue potential

See how much revenue you leave on the table

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How much revenue do you leave to your compset?

We curate date in a powerful way to make the uncover the invisible. 

Combining PMS and Benchmarking Data, we identify on one view how much revenue you loose to your competition over a whole year, often several hundred thousand EUR, each year. 
And yes, YOU CAN CAPTURE IT, this revenue is in your local market!

What you will get


Your system will calculate your market/revenue potential for 2+ years. 


Your data is treated with full confidentiality. Your data is exclusively accessible to you.


Our team will share powerful insights with you regarding patterns and trends in your data.

Get your Free potential analysis

We have developed a full day-by-day analysis of demand and your success in capturing the demand. Upload your benchmarking data file and we will show you how much you leave on the table for your comp set. 


Supported Benchmarking Data: Str, Fairmas, Benchmakring Alliance


What is neededDay-by-day report of Occupancy and ADR for  you and your compset, for 2017 until today. 


ℹ️ Questions? If you are not sure how to extract the benchmarking data, Contact us, we can help you.