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8 Tips to increase volume in your agreements

Growing your existing accounts is a good start in order to increase your revenue at the hotel. It’s often a less expensive sales process and existing customers usually have a lot of potential to increase. What can you do to increase the volume?

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Guidelines – an important tool to reach the revenue goals

All hotels are aiming for increasing their revenue. It is not enough setting prices; one has to work strategically and with guidelines to be successful.

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Do you capture your fair share of the market?

Many hotels think that they capture their fair share or more than their fair share of the market when looking at benchmarking data. The figures can be misleading since they are accumulated over time and do not show the necessary granularity.

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The hotel industry is growing so it breaks

New constructions in the hotel industry in Sweden undoubtedly goes high. It grows strongly and new hotels are built everywhere in the country. 2017 was a record year in Stockholm, when 1,840 new hotel rooms were built, which was an increase of 7.6% compared with the previous year.

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