More focus on revenue strategy for revenue managers

Reimagine your revenue strategy by empowering collaboration

Are you busy focusing on day-to-day operations like compiling reports to your GM, checking competitor rates, updating systems and answering a lot of requests for pricing of corporate contracts and groups from your sales and reservations team members? This is what most revenue managers work on every day and some days there is time for tactical decisions.

We would like to give you time to create a long-term revenue strategy, to really be able to make a difference in the success of your hotel. By creating a solid revenue strategy, you will be able to focus on the right decisions and executing activities towards reaching long-term goals instead of being stressed when the competition is adjusting its rates or when the GM demands yet another type of report that you have to build in Excel the next couple of hours.


Forecasting made easy

Understanding the demand for accommodation is a necessity for accurate forecasting and for becoming a successful hotel. Based on the demand patterns you will be able to create a strategy that will capture a higher share of the market than your competition.

Based on your analysis you will be able to create a solid rate, segment and distribution strategy that you can easily communicate to the others in the revenue team.

If you keep track of the pick up for each day and segment you will be able to tactically adjust your rates to maximize revenue and profitability.

Based on our own experience, we understand the role of the Revenue Manager and therefore we have developed Demand Calendar for fast and accurate analysis of a number of important variables as well as fast and easy to read reports to everyone in the revenue team including the GM.

Functionality for a profitable revenue strategy for Revenue Managers

Forecasting made easy

Easy to forecast volume and rate based on historical patterns, destination events, budget, last year, on-the-books and pick-up.
Overview and also down to the smallest details

Business Intelligence

Automated data collection from the hotel PMS and other sources. Information is stored in one place where it is easily accessible for the revenue manager and all team members.

Consolidated reporting

Easily accessible reports for the revenue manager and all team members. No more wasting time working with raw data, combining spreadsheets, cutting, pasting and sending reports getting lost in email overload. 

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards in real time showing actuals and trends of the most important indicators, such as pick-up, on-the-books, sold rates and actual reservations.

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