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There are so many choices when it comes to marketing activities. Today all of the marketing spend should be done in the digital world where you can measure return on investment. For a hotel it is all about planning where the marketing spend will bring in the most marginal revenue. This could be a specific segment, a season or a day of week.

Today, modern solutions enable you to focus on the most profitable revenue and not just any revenue. It is time to start measuring how much net revenue you can bring in for your marketing budget.


Campaign tracking made easy

Campaign planning should start with analysis of demand from different segments during different seasons. There must be demand for overnight stays to capture, otherwise the marketing budget would be wasted. Spend your marketing budget when there is demand to capture and when potential guests are willing to spend .
Demand Calendar allows you to track the success of your campaigns. By analyzing number of sold room nights and generated revenue through different channels from different feeder markets, it will be possible to measure the real effectiveness of your marketing spend. Understanding more about how campaigns produce results will give you insights to improve the return on marketing spend over time.

Functionality to increase return on marketing for Marketing Managers

Maximize your return on marketing

Analyze the demand patterns for your destination and for your hotel to make decisions when campaigns will give the highest return of investment

Business Intelligence

All information you need for marketing planning and follow up is easily accessible.

Analyze segments, feeder markets, distribution channels and other variables

Campaign tracking

Track each campaign by analyzing the campaign rate code from a number of variables, such as stay pattern, booking pace (pick-up), length of stay, room type and others

Net Revenue

Track the Net Revenue you marketing campaign brings in to the hotel. Spend more on attracting reservations that have a lower customer acquisition cost.

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