Profitability for General Managers

Want your revenue team to bring in the most profitable revenue?

If you are driven by profitability you need to focus your team on bringing in the most profitable revenue. Some years ago all revenue was the same. That has changed over time and today every hotel has to make a choice about which revenue to bring in – not just any revenue.

The cost of bringing in the revenue has substantially increased over the past 20 years from around 5-6 % of revenue to 15-25 % of revenue. Some revenue cost more than other. This is where you have to start paying attention.


Lead the commercial team

Bringing in revenue to a hotel is a teamwork of marketing, sales, revenue management, reservations and operations. In most hotels the GM is the leader for the commercial team.

A profit driven GM already has a solid revenue strategy in place, a plan to execute the strategy and a process to follow up and analyze the results on a regular basis.

A profit driven GM understands that the team needs the right tools to become productive and to be able to focus on the right tasks.

Based on our extensive experience, we understand the role of the GM we understand the role of the GM and have tailored Demand Calendar to meet the needs of a leader who is focused on success.

Functionality to increase profitability for General Managers

Maximize your real potential

Analyze the demand patterns for your destination and for your hotel to make decisions when campaigns will give the highest return.

Consolidated reporting

How many reports in your PMS do you actually use?

We do not boast about how many reports we provide, but how few and well curated reports. Focus on the important figures and work on getting them right instead of wasting time on endless reporting.

Manage cost of acquisition

It is impossible to measure customer acquisition cost based on information from your accounting system. We classify costs in four categories and calculate the cost for every single reservation allowing us to group by a number of variables.

Interactive Dashboards

As a GM you will know exactly how the team is performing. Dashboards show actuals and trends of the most important indicators. Data collection and visualization is automated, to make daily controlling fast and easy.

Want to talk about how you can increase profitability?

If you are struggling with getting accurate information about your hotel to be able to make the right decisions to reach your goals, we would like to suggest a meeting to discuss how we may be able to address your issues and what is causing them in order to be able to create a plan for success.


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