Teamwork creates more profitable revenue

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Put your commercial team at the center of your revenue strategy

All hotels, and especially small hotel groups with 3-10 hotels, need to be well organized to bring in the most profitable revenue to each one of their properties. The best way to get organized is to set up a commercial team headed by a commercial manager.

Leadership, strategic alignment and the right tools is a must to be able to maximize success. A single centralized tool to keep the team aligned and to ensure collaboration among Marketing, Sales, Revenue Management and Reservations is a necessity to succeed.

When the revenue strategy is seen as a team effort, hotels see great efficiency gains and positive effects on revenue, cost and profit.  

What's in for each team member

All roles in the commercial team should be able to access the general revenue figures and statistics for the hotel, the knowledge from the other team members and information tailored for their specific needs.

General Manager

Focus on long-term profitability and efficiency

Revenue Manager

Focus on forecasting and pricing to maximize revenue


Focus on campaigns increasing marginal revenue


Focus on contracting customers for business base

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