Total Revenue Forecasting and consolidated reporting on all levels

Total Revenue Forecasting


Capture all guest spending

The ideal guest in a hotel spends money on additional products and services, such as meetings, F&B, spa, and anything else that the hotel offers. Therefore, hotels need total revenue forecasting to understand spending patterns better, plan the operations, and manage cash. In Demand Calendar, the revenue manager and department heads collaborate on creating the total revenue forecast efficiently and accurately. 

 Easy to set up and get started, customized for each hotel and hotel group
 Forecast any revenue source based on actuals and on-the-books
 Forecast day-by-day, compare actuals to, last year, budget, or forecast in reports
Convert the forecast to next years budget
Keep track of all revenue sources in one view and reports
Total revenue forecasting

Consolidated Revenue Reporting


A faster reporting process to become more proactive

Speed is essential to be able to act before it is too late. Therefore, Demand Calendar consolidates revenue, statistics, pick-up, on-the-books, and forecasts for a cluster or all hotels in a hotel group. As a result, all reports are lightning-fast and present the figures top management needs to make decisions faster and more accurately. One example is the consolidated monthly revenue report that Demand Calendar has ready in the morning on the first day of the month. Automatic consolidation is available for

  Revenue and room statistics
  Corporate and travel agent production
  Earl warning trends
Demand Calendar Consolidated Revenue Reporting

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


Automate to save time

The total customer acquisition cost is between 15 % and
25 % of revenue. To increase the net contribution and the contribution margin, hotels need to manage this cost tightly. Demand Calendar automatically calculates customer acquisition cost for each room night to enable a complete analysis and understanding of the most profitable revenue.

  Customized set up for each hotel
  Manage all costs in four categories
  Analyze cost for any variable, such as channel, or rate
  Integrated to views for instant insights
  Keep track of customer acquisition costs in reports
Customer Acquisition Cost

Extensive Analytics


Streamline proven sales actions in hotels

Demand Calendar is a powerful full-featured BI tool for analyzing revenue based on the hotel PMS as the primary data source complemented with several other data sources. In the Cross-Check Analysis view, any two variables can be cross-checked for deep analysis to find insights about segments, feeder markets, rates, room types, and many other variables. It is lightning fast and always shows the most significant figures first.

  Analyze one, a cluster, or all hotels in the group
  Compare any date or period with any other date or period.
  Analyze categories or details
  Combine any two of up to 17 variables
  User-friendly overviews to prevent data overload

The combinations are endless, so here are some examples of cross-check analysis

  • Analyze corporate booking production by travel agents
  • Analyze the most producing rates by feeder market
  • Analyze the most common rates by length of stay
  • Analyze distribution channels by day of week
Demand Calendar Cross-Check Analysis

Advanced Data Connections


One system to monitor and manage information

Monitor your revenue systems through Demand Calendar to adjust them to become faster and more accurate. Automatically send forecasts and additional information to your other systems, such as staff planning or financials.
Monitor the accuracy of RMS and Pricing Systems
Import additional data sources
Send data to other systems
Advanced Data Connections

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