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Many industries have invested billions into digital transformation including changing skills in organizations to get ready for making strategies and decisions driven by data. The hospitality industry has also over the past twenty years taken steps to become digitalized but are still far from ready compared to other industries. Hoteliers might feel safe since hotels cannot be replaced digitally like stores and banks, but that feeling does not mean that the hotel industry should ignore the potential gains from become more digitalized.

The hotel guests have already pushed hotels to become digital in all guest communications and when making reservations. Now, it is time for the next phase: Making the commercial functions including marketing, sales, revenue management, reservations and leadership more digital and productive.

Teamwork is the new way of working when the whole organization has access to the same information at the same time stored in a cloud based system to minimize the risk for loss of data. Change happens at a faster pace than ever before. Therefore, the team needs to have access to superfast and up to date reports to be able to take action before it is too late. This is how hotels become more agile, faster to react to changes in the market and make decisions based on facts to win over their competition.

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Higher profits for digital hotels

Build the right processes and have them digitalized when possible. A solid process with the right guidelines will increase productivity, decrease costs and make the team happier. All at the same time.

Give the whole organization access to the same information at the same time. This is how hotels become more agile and faster to react to changes in the market.

Let your team focus on creativity and actions that will differentiate your hotel from your competition and increase your profitability instead of working with manual tasks that can easily be automated.

Speed up reporting so you will get the information you need before it is too late to take action. The manual work of collecting, copying, pasting and preparing reports should be a nightmare form the past.

Focus on following how your team is performing, creating value for guests, customers and owners and integrate all team members in the commercial strategy. Let all your departments focus on adding value instead of wasting time on old manual outdated jobs.

Hoteliers with a new mindset

Adapt the cost structures

Hotels need to adapt their cost structures to new guest expectations. The digital way will need some investments, but the marginal cost is a fraction of what it used to be in the old world. Just compare the cost of sending an email with sending a letter.

Collect and protect your valuable data

Data is the new gold in every company. Hotels collect a lot of data which could be used to make better manual decisions or let AI enhance the human brain by making valuable recommendations. There is only one challenge: Make sure you have high quality data.

Combine external and internal data

Combine your own data with external data to become enlightened to fully understand your business and how to make it more profitable. Let your team have access to the right information so they are able to make better decisions to make your hotel more successful

Keep your talents and their knowledge

Attracting, developing and keeping the right talent into and within the hospitality industry continues to remain a core challenge. Providing your team members with the right set of tools is a necessity to increase productivity and to secure that your valuable information stays in the hotel
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How well are you prepared for the future?

We conduct pre-studies of how hoteliers can use digital solutions to improve their productivity and change their cost structure - all with the purpose of improving profitability.

Based on our extensive experience in the industry and building digital tools for higher productivity at a lower cost, we will be able to guide you through the change process to become a more lean and digital organization.

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