Do you really have control over your data?

When key people leave, also your data might be gone?!

What if key personal is sick for longer period or leaves your hotel? What if you change the PMS or if data gets lost? Because crucial reports and analysis tools are not shared across the organization and data is often not backed up, it is very costly for a hotel if key persons like the Revenue Manager leaves or data is lost. It often leads to incorrect tactical and strategic decisions  that lead to lower revenue or loss of profit. 

Common problem root causes

  • High cost/time effort to research options for recovering and securing missing data.
  • Understanding the risks of data loss is missing.
  • The strategy and commercial knowledge are with individuals and not in the whole commercial team.
  • Strategy, guidelines and policies do not exist and / or these are not well-documented.
  • Templates, tools, excel spins are lost with the employee as no one else knows how to update these and / or use them.

How you can fix it

  • Examine the division of responsibility in the commercial team
  • Examine communication processes and interaction within the commercial team.
  • Use Demand Calendar at all commercial meetings.
  • Ensure that all members of the commercial team have logged in to Demand Calendar.
  • Make sure the forecast is made frequently.
  • Document strategy and guidelines.

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