Strategic profit management for independent hotel groups

Increase revenue and manage profit contribution effectively

Independent hoteliers dream about creating and showing the world something unique. That is the main reason independent hoteliers stay independent from the standardized mega chains. Based on our 60+ years of experience we have identified the top profit drivers you need to manage to make your hotel successful. We are here to guide and help you on your way to success.

Reach revenue goals

Developing a business strategy to help hotels reaching their revenue and profit goals

Gain market share

Developing a business strategy to help the hotel to capture a larger share of the market

Increase profit contribution

Developing a business strategy to maximize the profit contribution

Increase team productivity

Setting up processes and guidelines to make the team more productive bringing in the revenue

Secure and share data/reports

Set policies and guidelines for how to manage and keep data and information safe

We empower the entrepreneurial spirit for independent hotels

We love to travel and experience the local flavor of the destination where we are going. Independent hotels have always been part of and active in the local community, but now there is an imminent threat from the mega-chains that are become more aggressive than ever before. Therefore we are passionate about helping independent hotels to become sustainable and prosperous over time.

Many of the most successful hotels in the world focus on revenue, so for us, it all starts with a strategy of how to acquire the most profitable revenue streams.  We give decision-makers in independent hotels instant access to pre-analyzed easily digested information so they can take action before it is too late.

60+ years of Industry Know-How

Effectiveness comes from knowledge. We focus on problems that really matter, to provide solutions that work.

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Anders Johansson


35+ years in Hospitality, in leading positions.

  • Founder and Partner of Hotel Market Seminars.
  • Founder of pricing and strategy consulting firm Hospitality Visions.
  • Former Managing Director at Nordic Hotels Stockholm and Fogg's Hotel Stockholm.
Foto Demand Calendar Catarina Randow

Catarina Randow

Strategic Partners

25+ years in Hospitality, in leading positions.

  • Hospitality Revenue & Distribution Consultant
  • Former VP Revenue & Distribution at First Hotels
  • Former Distributions Manager at Scandic
  • Former Regional RM for Scandic and Hilton
Foto Demand Calendar Ognjen Lauseger

Ognjen Lauseger

Head of Customer Success

Pricing expert with more than 10 years experience

  • Previously worked as Director of Pricing at Scandic Hotels.
  • Before that worked as a Senior pricing expert for PriceGain for 5 years.

Build a revenue strategy to capture your full potential

We help hotels to manage profits strategically to systematically increase revenue and become a market share winner. Our proven approach works effectively to stay ahead of competition and increase profits significantly.  

We help hotels to reach their full revenue potential and to outperform the market.

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Seemless Integration

Connected to your PMS and benchmarking system, to visualize data for better decisions.


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