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The new commercial team in a hotel

The covid-19 pandemic will change how hotels are run and in particular how all commercial operations are planned and implemented. Which tasks are most important right now and how can these be handled by one person? You can also download a detailed job description for the new commercial manager.

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8 Tips to increase volume in your agreements

Growing your existing accounts is a good start in order to increase your revenue at the hotel. It’s often a less expensive sales process and existing customers usually have a lot of potential to increase. What can you do to increase the volume?

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6 important data components when evaluating a corporate agreement

There is a number of Data Components you should consider when you evaluate a corporate agreement. This article will highlight the 6 most important data that you should not exclude.

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6 Hospitality Sales Tips

How can you boost your sales within the hotel industry? There are a lot of different approaches and methods that are useful. This blog post will give you 6 sales tips.

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10 important aspects during a new corporate contract negotiating

Hotels often negotiate “tons of” contracts each year and it's easy to forget important aspects in the process. I will highlight some of the most important aspects that you should consider to be a winner during the contract season.


Availability in corporate contracts

There are four options to negotiate the availability in corporate hotel contracts

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How do the hotels work with company agreements?

How do the hotels work with their business agreements? How important is the business customers segment? We were curious to learn more about how the hotels work with corporate agreements and therefore belonged to us to some of our customers to get their different perspectives on business agreements.

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