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Do you have a well-functioning commercial team?

Do you know how you create a commercial team that is well-functioning? It is important to create a well-functional commercial team to increase the revenue.

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Guidelines – an important tool to reach the revenue goals

All hotels are aiming for increasing their revenue. It is not enough setting prices; one has to work strategically and with guidelines to be successful.

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How do you keep talented people?

The competition between hotels is intense and they are struggling how to attract the talented people to work for their hotels. Finding the right people is a problem which is increasing in the whole hotel sector.

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Demand Calendars Spring Summit - om Profit drivers och vikten av teamwork i det kommersiella teamet

Demand Calendar höll i förra veckan sin Spring Summit för att informera om aktuella trender inom hotellbranschen samt för att berätta om de nya rapporterna i Demand Calendar som går otroligt snabbt att ta fram.

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How do the hotels work with company agreements?

How do the hotels work with their business agreements? How important is the business customers segment? We were curious to learn more about how the hotels work with corporate agreements and therefore belonged to us to some of our customers to get their different perspectives on business agreements.

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Heatmaps for the tourist industry - Destination Falkenberg goes ahead

Do you know that you are probably sitting on an unused "gold mine" with information already in your systems? Within the hotel world, there is a lot of information of various kinds that is collected, collected and which, at best, is categorized without even thinking about possible alternative uses.

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Plan and Avoid Missing Business Opportunities

We have put 2018 behind us and we are already a few weeks into 2019 and right now inside the tough weeks when winter keeps us in its grip and everyday life is really back. We want to give you some concrete advice on what time can be planned during this period.

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Five common mistakes that revenue managers make

In short, Revenue Management is about taking control of supply and demand and in this way increasing the company's profitability. Here are some short points about some common mistakes that a revenue manager can make in their work and some tips on how to deal with them.

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