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The new commercial team in a hotel

The covid-19 pandemic will change how hotels are run and in particular how all commercial operations are planned and implemented. Which tasks are most important right now and how can these be handled by one person? You can also download a detailed job description for the new commercial manager.

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6 important data components when evaluating a corporate agreement

There is a number of Data Components you should consider when you evaluate a corporate agreement. This article will highlight the 6 most important data that you should not exclude.

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Availability in corporate contracts

There are four options to negotiate the availability in corporate hotel contracts

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Smart Hotel Management - using data to increase profit

Data is the resource of the 21st century, also in the Hotel business. To deal with the increasing complexity of today productively, hotels can leverage data to take better business decisions and release resources for more creativity.

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Do you have a well-functioning commercial team?

Do you know how you create a commercial team that is well-functioning? It is important to create a well-functional commercial team to increase the revenue.

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Guidelines – an important tool to reach the revenue goals

All hotels are aiming for increasing their revenue. It is not enough setting prices; one has to work strategically and with guidelines to be successful.

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How do you keep talented people?

The competition between hotels is intense and they are struggling how to attract the talented people to work for their hotels. Finding the right people is a problem which is increasing in the whole hotel sector.

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Why pay attention to Customer acquisition costs

Customer acquisition costs have been increasing and are now 15-25 % of room revenue and are expected to profoundly affect the profits of hotels.

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Do you capture your fair share of the market?

Many hotels think that they capture their fair share or more than their fair share of the market when looking at benchmarking data. The figures can be misleading since they are accumulated over time and do not show the necessary granularity.

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Reflections from Hotel Market Seminars 2019

Last week, this year's edition of Hotel Market Seminars 2019 was held at Clarion Hotel Stockholm at Skanstull. Almost 300 participants gathered and the theme for the year was guest focus, why many of the panel discussions and workshops had the relationship with the guest in focus.

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