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8 Tips to increase volume in your agreements

Growing your existing accounts is a good start in order to increase your revenue at the hotel. It’s often a less expensive sales process and existing customers usually have a lot of potential to increase. What can you do to increase the volume?

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6 important data components when evaluating a corporate agreement

There is a number of Data Components you should consider when you evaluate a corporate agreement. This article will highlight the 6 most important data that you should not exclude.

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6 Hospitality Sales Tips

How can you boost your sales within the hotel industry? There are a lot of different approaches and methods that are useful. This blog post will give you 6 sales tips.

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Smart Hotel Management - using data to increase profit

Data is the resource of the 21st century, also in the Hotel business. To deal with the increasing complexity of today productively, hotels can leverage data to take better business decisions and release resources for more creativity.

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Why pay attention to Customer acquisition costs

Customer acquisition costs have been increasing and are now 15-25 % of room revenue and are expected to profoundly affect the profits of hotels.

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