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Fünf häufige Fehler, die Revenue Manager machen

In short, Revenue Management is about taking control of supply and demand and in this way increasing the company's profitability. Here are some short points about some common mistakes that a revenue manager can make in their work and some tips on how to deal with them.

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Ausbleibende Umsätze planen und vermeiden

We have put 2018 behind us and we are already a few weeks into 2019 and right now inside the tough weeks when winter keeps us in its grip and everyday life is really back. We want to give you some concrete advice on what time can be planned during this period.

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Reflexionen vom Hotelmarkt-Seminar 2019

Last week, this year's edition of Hotel Market Seminars 2019 was held at Clarion Hotel Stockholm at Skanstull. Almost 300 participants gathered and the theme for the year was guest focus, why many of the panel discussions and workshops had the relationship with the guest in focus.

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Warum Sie auf die Kunden-Akquisitionskosten achten sollten

Die Kundenakquisitionskosten sind gestiegen und machen nun 15-25% des Zimmerumsatzes aus. Es wird erwartet, dass sie die Gewinne von Hotels erheblich beeinflussen.

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